The Spanish Gag law

Recently, the #LeyMordaza (Gag Law) has been approved in Spain. This law essentially legalises human rights abuses. Under the new law, the production and distribution of images such as this one can get you a 30.000€ fine. The government supported the law by arguing that it is not abusive and it’s only scope is to avoid violent riots.

Now the worse is coming true. Two cases prove that this law should be appealed. First, a woman victim of the traffic of humans “business” was fined with 600 euros for “indecent public exhibition”. While she is the victim of an already horrible crime sex slavery, she is prosecuted by the state that allows all of this to happen openly on the streets. Logically, this fine is nothing but an extra obstacle in those girls way out. Now, she owns her “owners” extra money … maybe they will even consider her a liability and they may decide to get rid of the said liability.

Secondly, a man got fined a similar amount for criticising the police on Facebook. The gag law is not as strict on paper but its application is proof of the fact that the worst prognostics are coming true. NGO had stressed on this possible abuse of a law that is a direct violation of the citizens right to freedom of speech and their right to exercise democracy.

Is this what democracy really is?


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