Rape: she wanted to … I said


There is a trend towards raping lately. This ‘fashion’ was furthered by the Game of thrones fever where rape is every episode’s centre of attraction. The worse is that rape has been so “famous” that it is no longer considered a crime by many. People usually say: ‘well, she is not dead’. My answer is: no, she has been left worse than dead. There is nothing worse than knowing that they took your pride, your life and abused you. It is a heavy type of torture that NOBODY should endure, neither men nor women.

Why am I so angry with this now? Well, recently in Romania there has been a very interesting as well as disgusting case. A young girl was raped by seven men aged 18 – 28. She went to the police and told them everything. After being arrested, three of them confessed to their acts while the other four refused to do so alleging that “she wanted it”. What happened then? Maybe unsurprisingly, they are now free and back to their hometown where they are protected and defended by their fellow villagers. This case is yet another example of how badly we are dealing with rape in a, supposedly, civilised world.

I am more than ever convinced that education is the key and penal punishment is the alternative. They should be in prison and we must push the court to do justice … how sad!

For more visit: https://www.facebook.com/NuinseamnaNu.ro 


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